Your hearing consultation

When you contact us for an appointment our reception staff are likely to ask some questions about your perceived levels of hearing loss and whether you may need hearing aids or at least a trial of hearing aids.

This information is important as it determines the time that will be allocated to your appointment, for example, we always allow one hour for prospective hearing aid users.

Flexible hearing assessments

Dirk conducts a detailed history of your hearing difficulties and discusses with you what you are seeking to achieve from the consultation. A thorough diagnostic hearing assessment is then performed looking at overall hearing levels, speech discrimination ability and also middle ear functioning assessment, if necessary.

Finally, Dirk takes plenty of time to discuss the nature of your hearing and what options there are to improve your hearing and your quality of life.


Independent hearing advice

If hearing aids are recommended options of style, cosmetics, performance levels and pricing are discussed.

From that point, Dirk never puts pressure on his clients to take a particular pathway instead pointing out that they have the option to simply go away and digest the advice provided, consider a no-obligation free hearing aid trial or commit to a hearing aid fitting with the reassurance that any hearing aids fitted at the Bendigo Hearing Clinic can be returned within 90 days of purchase if a client is not satisfied with their outcome.

State-of-the-art hearing solutions

Trust and respect cannot be bought, they are earned.

At the Bendigo Hearing Clinic, we make state-of-the-art hearing solutions both effective and easy to use.