Our clinic’s tag line “Life Amplified” was chosen with a
special purpose.

Everything we do at this clinic is ultimately designed to enhance your quality of life. Whether that is to ease tensions within the household, better follow your favourite TV show; hear the whispered secrets of a grandchild or just to feel involved again in daily conversation... we understand your frustration and know how to help you.

As we specialise, by choice, in the private hearing aid market, we also have a high proportion of younger active working clientele. Through the provision of cutting edge hearing aid and wireless bluetooth technology we have assisted many of our clients to successfully improve their workplace performance.

While we happily service private patients in any age group, we have noticed an increasing trend towards younger “baby boomer” clientele who are technology savvy and happily embrace new hearing instruments.

Our focus exclusively on private patients also allows us to offer appointments with greater flexibility and shorter waiting times than many other clinics.

We understand your frustration and know how to help you

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Maree –  Bank manager, mother of two, hearing aid user


Your hearing is in safe hands

Dirk has been fitting hearing aids for over 35 years and understands what is required to achieve successful outcomes.

Independent EARtrak survey results from our clientele reveal a high satisfaction rating (over 95%) and our clinic routinely receives a 5 star rating – the highest possible for client satisfaction, outcomes with hearing aids and overall service delivery.

Award-winning hearing services

EARtrak announced Bendigo Hearing Clinic as the number one ranked Australian clinic for overall client satisfaction with hearing care in 2020!

Our clinic also prides itself on ensuring we have available the latest hearing aids which match sophisticated technology with award-winning design. All our aids come in a variety of stylish colours and the majority we fit are either invisible or effectively invisible when worn - including the  Phonak Marvel range (see video below) and the even more advanced recently released Phonak Paradise range (see images and two videos below). Phonak have focussed their efforts on what really matters with their new hearing solution that stands out from the rest. Phonak Audeo Paradise hearing aids automatically deliver exceptional sound quality from the first moment you try them. This new generation of Phonak technology optimises sound quality by recognising and automatically adapting to different listening situations. You can also experience better speech understanding and reduced listening effort in noise.

Latest hearing aid technology

In addition, Audeo Paradise hearing aids directly connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices. Unique Phonak technology delivers top-rated streamed sound quality to both ears, allowing you to enjoy hands-free calls, music, podcasts and TV. Combine excellent sound quality with direct connectivity, powerful rechargeable battery technology and smartphone apps for an

all-in-one solution. Phonak’s Marvel and Paradise hearing aids will help you reconnect with the rich sounds of life – all day, every day.

Ongoing hearing aid support

While using reputable European hearing aid brands is important, what is far more important is the experience and expertise to adjust these aids to suit individual requirements. This comes with a thorough theoretical understanding of the technology but also the ability to simplify the outcome for each individual client.

We can all be intimidated by new technology so we make state-of-the-art hearing solutions both effective and easy to use.


 View Phonak’s Marvel hearing aid:

 View the Phonak Paradise hearing aid:

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